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Where to Search for the Best Singing Bowls

It is commonly believed that singing bowls came from Tibet many years ago. The Tibetan monks are known to be experts in their use. We tend to react to the sounds produced by the singing bowls, both in mind and body. These bowls make a sound that gets us to relax and concentrate, to focus deeper into our bodies. You can see this also when its vibrations mass our bodies.

The manufacturing regions of these singing bowls are Nepal and India. You will hear the processes utilizing three, five, or sometimes seven types of metal. The more the number of metals, the higher their quality. They are also unique in the sense that each is handmade.

The buying process of one of these bowls needs you to be keen on certain things. You need to set aside enough time to find the right bowl for your needs. This bowl shall serve both the purpose of healing and that o meditation.

If you are buying at a physical store, you need to test it out by striking it with a stick. Playing a Tibetan bowl requires a thick wooden stick covered with a soft leather on one end. You use it to strike the bowl or rub it to make it vibrate for some time. Striking it will also cause it to resonate for a few minutes as it produces several layers of tones. It should give a rich and heavy note. Most important, you should feel drawn to the sound. If it attracts you, it shall be easier to relax and concentrate deeper. The vibrations passing through the body are what heal it. The frequency of the vibration meanwhile calms your mind.

Online stores should have some audio clips you can buy to listen. The best will even have samples of these clips for you to check the quality.

Smaller bows make for higher pitched sounds. The bigger ones produce lower and heavier pitch. You can choose as you see fit.
The material used to make the bowl are also a critical factor. The more the metals, the better the sound you can expect.

You should take time to study the designs curved on the sides of the bowl. You can then buy the one with the nicest message you can find.

It is important for you to check whether the bowl was handmade. You are likely to meet machine made pieces in the market, which are not original. They shall thus have lower quality sound when struck. You shall also miss out on the unique nature of a handmade piece.
When you find one that fits the bill, ask for the price.

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