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Essential Component Of Your Car That Will Ensure That Your Engine Works As Required.

Car engines have been there in the 1870’s, and it is for this kind of reason that the car engines can be as old as you can imagine. Before the engine revolution the first engine just comprised of 2 strokes and a single cylinder. In the recent days with the high levels of innovations a lot of things have changed, and more have been put in the car engines making them more complicated. Here are the components that build up the engine

The first thing is the engine block. In here is the heart of the engine and all the activities start here. The engine block complies of the cylinder, water and air vent and the oil path. If the engine is translated into a human being, then the engine would be defiantly the spine.

The other element that we should take about is the piston. The piston is contained in the engine block, and their primary activity is to ensure that the car has that power to move the wheels the piston will oscillate up and down so as to make sure that it provides enough force that is needed by the car.

The connecting rod is the other component, as the word goes, the connecting rod is used to connect the piston and the crankshaft. It transfers the force delivered by the piston and takes it to the crankshaft.

How to let’s talk about the crankshaft. The role of the crankshaft is to translate the up and down movement of the piston and translate it to a rotational motion that helps the wheels to move. The grease that is in the crankshaft is essential to avoid friction. See more info here.

The other component that you should have a look at is the oil sump. It is a metal casing contained at the bottom of the crankshaft, it contains a lot of lubrication that helps to prevent friction.

Engine head is the other component of the car that will help your engine work the work of the engine head is to let air in and at the same time allowing the engine exhaust out. Find more about it here.

Valves. The main work of the valves is to let in air and out.

The other component is the camshaft. The camshaft works to moderate the opening and the closing of the valve.

Timing belt. These belts transfer linear force of the piston to the rotational force that is provided by the crankshaft. Read here for more info.

Finally it is the spark plug this is the ignition system of the engine. Learn more about the engine here.

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